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Does your home electrical panel have circuit breakers that continually keep tripping. Or is the service Circuit Breakerspanel in your home so old that you have fuses and your constantly replacing  fuses. A common cause with the continually tripping of a circuit breaker can be one of two things get seriously overloaded, or it’s a loose circuit. Overtime for whatever reason the circuit breaker has managed to become loose. This can be easily and quickly fixed by tightening the connections on the electrical panel. This may seem like an easy, simple task, but it is not one that should be performed by the homeowner. The only person you should ever let remove the cover of your electrical panel is a licensed professional electrician.

Time to Upgrade to Circuit Breakers

Your electrical panel is equipped with circuit breakers or if the panel was installed before 1965 your home electrical panel may have fuses. Both fuses and circuit breakers out there as a safety precaution. Designed to interrupt the power flow when that particular circuit is overloaded. When the circuit is dangerously overloaded the fuse will blow or if the circuit breaker circuit breaker will trip and shut off the Power. These devices are provided to protect against electrical fire hazards the circuit breaker trips or fuse burns out this is a strong indication services of a licensed electrician to find out why the circuit is overloaded is needed.

A Separate Circuit Breaker for Each Dedicated Circuit

There could be a short somewhere in the circuit is the wires running through your home that can cause serious fire damage or the circuit may simply be overloaded. Too many high electrical demands on one circuit in either case a licensed and insured professional electrician who provide the repair whether it is replacing the circuit breaker, or any needed dedicated circuit for heavy appliance that is causing the overload.

Troubleshooting the problem by utilizing the right testing equipment is exactly what you’re licensed circuit breaker-testerelectrician is trained to do. Your electrical problem may be a very simple one for the complicated process of changing the service panel replacing the fuse panel with the circuit breaker panel and anymore dedicated circuits to your home. Making it safer your family and avoiding the dangers of an overloaded electrical system.


Contacting a licensed and insured Suffolk County electrician is as easy as picking up the phone. If you don’t have the number of a licensed electrician Do a search on your smart phone for an electrician near me” your location most up-to-date modern electricians make certain that their websites are smart phone friendly and is just a matter of pushing a button to give them a call. I

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The fuses and circuit breakers are located at the main service panel. Since you cannot turn off the main power to the panel, you are working with live electricity. You should NOT attempt to replace a  circuit breaker yourself.

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